Pain Management

The most common ailment people seek medical assistance for is pain. Close to 70% of Australians over the age of 15 years are likely to experience some form of pain within a four week period and approximately 1 in 10 will experience severe levels of pain.1 Pain can be acute (coming on quickly, intense and/or severe, but often brief) or it can be chronic (long-lasting with persistence effects). Suffering from any form of pain can be debilitating, inconvenient and problematic in ways that can greatly impact work and family life.

Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, we can tailor a medication to suit a patient’s individual needs. We often customised solutions in a dosage form to minimise unnecessary side effects such as, compounding a medicated pain gel to apply directly to the site of pain, instead of taking an oral tablet – this can reduce current or potential stomach issues. We regularly collaborate with GPs and specialists to formulate medications to treat the pain, manage the condition and minimise the side effects.

At Customised Compounding, we regularly prepare medications for common conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve pain and muscle pain.

1 The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2012). 4841.0 Characteristics of bodily pain in Australia

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