Ophthalmic Compounding

Compounding of ophthalmic medication is both a delicate and sterile procedure requiring extensive training, expert techniques and specific equipment. Customised Compounding specialises in ophthalmic preparations and works closely with ophthalmologists nationally to meet the unique needs of their patients. We have a professional team of compounding experts committed to high quality compounding standards and outcomes with experience in preparing medications for ophthalmology treatments, including customised preparations and discontinued items.

All ophthalmic medications are prepared under strict aseptic conditions in our purpose-built ISO Class 7 clean rooms. All rooms are independently certified to meet the strict standards for aseptic rooms dedicated to injectables and other sterile compounds.

Government regulations require all ophthalmic medications administered to the eyes to be sterile. Our pharmacists have undergone extensive training and have passed rigorous aseptic quality skills tests to qualify them to prepare sterile medications. All of our procedures adhere to strict quality assurance protocols including independent testing of random medicine samples and relevant equipment.

We prepare customised medication to assist patients with a range of conditions associated with the eye. We compound a variety of eye drops, injections and ointments. If preservative is an issue, we can prepare ophthalmic preparations that are preservative free, to suit your needs.

Common eye conditions treated by compounded medications include but are not limited to:

  • Glaucoma Conjunctivitis
  • Hepatic Keratitis
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Dry Eyes
  • Corneal Oedema
  • Myopia

Order medication tailored specifically to your needs