Animals not only come in all shapes and sizes, they can also mean different things to different people. To some, an animal may be a loved member of the family, to others they may also serve as a mandatory companion such as a guide dog. At Customised Compounding, we understand the different relationships and offer the specialised service of customised medication tailored to suit the individual needs of animals.

Customised compounding offers a variety of options to help treat individual conditions and maximise medication compliance, which can be problematic in animals. We have worked with numerous vets to formulate a variety of creative dosage forms to provide the most effective outcome.

Examples of compounding for vet include:

  • Flavoured suspensions : chicken, beef, tuna,
  • Capsules
  • Flavoured oral pastes
  • Flavoured animal treats
  • Topical cream, gel, powder
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Otic preparations
  • Sugar free suspensions
  • Transdermal application

Order medication tailored specifically to your pet's needs